It’s game time. You’re pumped up and ready to play. You’ve practiced. You’ve mastered. You’re ready to shine.

You have the skills, so why not have a uniform that looks just as good as you play? Enter Team Rebel Sports.

As a leading sports apparel and customized uniform manufacturer, our skilled team of experts will create uniforms for you and your team to your exact specifications. We have a wide variety of colors and fabrics available in house to give you exactly what you want. From football to baseball and everything in between, we have the talent and technology needed to give you quality apparel.

Feel free to check out our Sports page to see what we can do for you. You’ve got the talent. We just make you look good.

View Artist Live
Our new "View Artist Live" feature allows you to work directly with our art department to create your design right on your desktop! This state-of the-art technology will allow making your uniform design mock-up faster and smoother than ever before. Make color changes in a blink of an eye! See your new version while changes are being applied! After your mock-up has been created, we will simply email you a copy to your e-mail address for your records.
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About Us

We are the leader in customized uniforms and sports apparel. Team Rebel Sports Direct has continued to grow in the sports uniform world by exceeding all expectations. The development of new trends and new approaches has made us a leader in the industry. We take pride in making the needs of our customers our priority. Our customer base has continued to grow and we are always looking to add other teams and organizations to our future. Our specialties are Football, Softball, Basketball, Soccer, Rugby, Baseball, Hockey, Cricket, Taekwondo, Swimming, Track & Field, and Cross-Training, among others.

We are enhancing our customer service as well as setting goals to hopefully get better at what we accomplish in the near future. We are constantly looking for new clientele in different territories; pushing back the boundary lines to continue to expand our company throughout the country. You can trust that we are securing more teams and clientele each day. We have set higher standards for what we are capable of doing by increasing our productivity and shortening our delivery times. The changes that we have made are all to ensure you, the customer, exquisite services. Providing you with your product in a timely fashion is our number one goal.


Good athletes have good coaches. Great athletes have great skill. And unparalleled athletes have unparalleled apparel. Your unparalleled team needs Team Rebel Sports Direct.

We understand that no two sports or sports teams are alike. Your team requires specific fabric, design and colors to ensure you look, feel and play your very best. For this reason, we offer both regular and sublimated uniforms. All of our apparel is made with superior quality and durability.

Choose your sport to learn more about what Team Rebel Sports Direct can do for you.



General FAQ

Sales FAQ

Fabric FAQ

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Website FAQ

This section provides basic information and a list of compiled frequently asked questions. We hope that by providing this information, we are able to address your inquiries and concerns.

General FAQ

Who is TRSD?
Team Rebel Sports Direct (TRSD) is the US division of Team Rebel Sports, Inc. that manufactures many types of sports apparel for consumers worldwide.
Where do you sell and ship your products?
Currently, TRSD sells its products in the US and Canada.
You manufacture your products real fast, what is your secret?
TRSD resources are all in-house, from fabric to apparel design to production. All streamlined for efficiency and fast delivery of all TRSD products.
Do you source your fabric elsewhere?
As mentioned in question number 3, TRSD has 4 large warehouses dedicated to producing textile.
Your designs are great! Who does all your designs?
Thank you for your appreciation. All our designs are created by our in-house and highly creative graphic artists who are well trained in this line of business.
I have my own idea for a sports uniform design that I want manufactured. Can you accommodate this type of order?
Certainly! We can do a full custom version for you, we have always practiced flexibility and we truly focus on what customers want.
Do you have a shop or showroom I can visit?
Currently we have a small showroom in Manila. Philippines but we are coming up with a full VIRTUAL SHOWROOM in the near future.
Custom Jersey's are complex to make, still you manage to get into this segment of the sports apparel business, how is that?
We have put in a lot of time, hard work, and dedication to servicing this segment of the sports apparel industry. This time, hard work, and dedication has definitely paid off.
Could you summarize your capabilities? I don't really feel confident that I'm ordering from a place on the other side of the world.
As mentioned in previous questions of the FAQ, we have a complete streamlined process of manufacturing our products and we do not outsource to anybody, as mentioned as well, we have shipped hundreds of thousands of sports apparel. You may check with our official couriers FEDEX, UPS & DHL to check and see our shipment records for additional confidence. A site visit is also welcome!

Website FAQ

What is the TRSD URL?
Our URL or Domain name is
What kind of computer should I use to be able to view the site?
Any functioning laptop or desktop computer with a Browser (preferably MOZILLA FIREFOX, SAFARI OR GOOGLE CHROME) can view and use our website. Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash and JavaScript must be installed and enabled as well.
How do I make an online order through the website?
Two ways, through our contact form and you can also make use of popular instant messaging services like Skype and Yahoo Messenger. If at any rate, these options are not available please take note of this number (1-877-473-2358) and you may call us anytime.
Is my information safe and secure?
We strictly adhere to our policies. Please view our Privacy Policy to see how safe and secure your information is with us.
Your site is cool, I'm in need of one, can you refer your Designer/Developer to me please?
Thank you! Our Web Designer/Developer team can be contacted here. Please note that this will be a separate contract between you and them in case you tap them to service you with all your web requirements.
I just downloaded the eCatalogues, but I can't open them, could you help?
Please make sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader. You may download it here.
I have a few other questions, can I write you an email?
Please do! We would love to hear from you! Our email address for these matters is
Please click here to visit our Savers Pack page. It is designed to be simple and easy to use; any person who is adept in surfing the Internet can surely use it!
Nice pictures you have, can I use them?
All our pictures are copyrighted to us. If you plan to use them for any purpose, please let us know first and perhaps we can make an arrangement with you.
I found some bugs and glitches; can I email them to you?
We will appreciate any feedback regarding our website. If there are any, we welcome all means to improve
Hey, I'm not ordering anything but am really impressed with your products! I'm a big fan now. How can I help spread word about TRSD?
We truly appreciate the gesture! You may join our other pages at: FACEBOOKMULTIPLYMYSPACE and TWITTER. Thank you!

Fabric FAQ

Where are your fabrics made?
All our fabrics are made in our in-house textile factories. We are one of the largest textile producers in our country.
Are there different types of fabric I can choose from?
Certainly, as each sport requires unique needs for performance. We have around 15 sports fabrics you can choose from that complies with US standards and specifications for each uniform type.
o Will the fabrics lose its color after repeated washing?
We practice strict quality assurance processes with all our fabric production. You can then be rest assured that all our fabrics are of top, long lasting quality. However, failing to strictly adhere to the care instructions might result in color loss See our TRSD Guarantee section for more information.
I just saw a SAVERS PACK offering, what kind of fabric does it come with?
 Our savers pack is offered in Tri-fit for basketball and Dazzle, Mesh and Spandex for football.
Do you have swatches I can look at?
Certainly, please visit our fabric page to see our fabric selection.
It's good you have online swatches, but I would rather feel the real thing. Can you send me a swatch?
We can send you a fabric palette. Please send a fabric palette request to  Shipping fees apply.

Sales FAQ

How do I order?
Currently, you can email your order to  We require a 50% non-refundable deposit with your order and all orders must be paid in full prior to shipment.  Please note that we will not ship orders until we have received payment in full.  Online ordering is coming soon!
How do you stay so competitive with your pricing?
Simple....1-stop-shopping. Our competitive pricing is due to our ability to do everything in connection with you order in-house.
How long does the manufacturing and shipping process take?
We guarantee that we will ship your order within 5 weeks from the date your order is approved by TRSD. Special conditions apply. See the TRSD Guarantee section of our website for more information.
What forms of payment do you accept?
You can pay through the following safe and secure options;


Name of receiver: Grace Cu or Joel Cu
Address: 290 Bonnie Serrano Avenue, corner 5th West, West Crame San Juan City

We will need the MTCN and the sender's name in order to confirm your Western Union payment transmittal. If you pay using Western Union, we will cover the transfer fees. Just subtract the amount of the Western Union transfer fee from the total TRSD invoiced amount when you send your payment.


Account Name: Joel Cu or Grace Cu
Account Number: 189-2-18900580-0
Bank Name: Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company
Branch : Boni Serrano Branch
Bank Address: #45 bonnie Serrano avenue crame Quezon city Philippines.
Swift Code: MBTCPHMM
USD Account

Is my online payment safe and secure?
We put forth every effort to ensure that all payment options are safe, legal, and valid.
How do I keep track of my order?
You will be given a tracking number once your order is shipped through one of our current carriers, FEDEX and UPS.
Do you have pre-sales support?
We support our clients throughout the entire process. Please contact us anytime if you need help with our products via telephone or email.
Do you have a quantity limit on orders?
We accept orders for up to 10,000 units through our normal ordering process. For orders larger than 10,000 units, please contact our US Sales Office.
Do you have a minimum quantity for order?
We accept orders with a minimum of 12 pieces. For smaller orders additional fees apply. See our Pricelist for details
What if there are delays in delivery? Do I get a rebate? A Discount of some sort?
We guarantee that we will ship your order 5 weeks from the date your order is approved by TRSD. Special conditions apply. See the TRSD Guarantee section of our website for more information.
How much are the shipping costs?
We charge a flat fee for shipping. See our current Pricelist for our flat fee shipping costs.
What is your policy on refunds and returns?
We pride ourselves on the quality of our products. We work hard for your satisfaction and will continue to work with you to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your order. We will replace any damaged or defective products on orders. We may also refund the purchase price less the non-refundable deposit and shipping costs. Special conditions apply. See the TRSD Guarantee section of our website for more information. Refunds will be made 45 calendar days from the date we receive the returned products.


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